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  • Theresa Smith

    Theresa Smith

    I have some blogs, have written some books and dabble in ecommerce. The ultimate goal is to help people. One blog is here:

  • Abi Pereira

    Abi Pereira

    Product at Foursquare

  • Gale Clements

    Gale Clements

  • Neha Sharma

    Neha Sharma

  • Waseem Jan

    Waseem Jan


  • Martin Katz

    Martin Katz

  • Xchanger


    Comparing exchange rates and international money transfers every 10 seconds. Find out how to manage international payments in your SME.

  • Gaurav Nemade

    Gaurav Nemade

    Product Manager at Google AI. Love to introspect and write about thoughts and musings. Checkout my personal page at

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