Olga — Thank you for your reply.

I completely agree with you! I specifically say in the book to not use “habit building unless it’s beneficial for the user” Products that try and trick users with coercive tactics are not only unethical, they tend to fail when people learn they're being tricked. There’s an entire chapter in Hooked on the “morality of manipulation” and the case studies in the book are The Bible App and FitBod.

The goal of the book was to democratize these techniques so we can use them for good and understand how they are used inappropriately. I respectfully ask you to reconsider your statement that it “doesn’t matter what it was meant to do, what matters is how it is used” and ask you to consider whether the real enemy is not my book, but the people who don’t bother to actually finish reading it and do what I advise regarding using it ethically.

Please also see: https://www.nirandfar.com/regret-test/

Have you read my second book, Indistractable?

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