This week’s must-reads: Here’s Why Uncertainty Makes You So Miserable

Nir Eyal
2 min readSep 9, 2020

In my work as a behavioral designer, I come across important stories on how psychology influences our behavior. Every week, I share my round-up of the most important stories at the intersection of psychology, technology and business. I hope you enjoy them!

Changing Habits: Interview with Dr. Amy Bucher, A Behavior Change Designer (NirAndFar) I recently caught up with Dr. Amy Bucher, the author of Engaged, a compelling guidebook on designing products and services that change people’s lives.

How self-control can actually unleash your dark side (BBC) People with great willpower are often lauded over their peers with less self-control. But having strong character may not always be a good thing.

School closures had positive effects on some teenager’s mental health, our new research suggests (The Conversation) A recent study suggests that there might have been an overall reduction in anxiety, and an increase in wellbeing, in young people aged 13–14 during the coronavirus lockdown.

Teens who think their parents are loving are less likely to be cyberbullies (ScienceDaily) A new study shows that adolescents who perceive their parents to be loving and supportive are less likely to engage in cyberbullying.

The Service That Makes Shame a Productivity Hack (The New Yorker) Part social network and part virutal co-working space, the new service Focusmate suggests that accountability is the most powerful motivator to get work done.

Here’s Why Uncertainty Makes You So Miserable (TIME) People like to know what’s coming for them, even if it’s bad, a new study suggests.

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