This week’s must-reads: Is ‘tech addiction’ really akin to drug addiction?

In my work as a behavioral designer, I come across important stories on how psychology influences our behavior. Every week, I share my round-up of the most important stories at the intersection of psychology, technology and business. I hope you enjoy them!

Americans Legalize Pot — And Then Panic Over Tech Addiction (The Atlantic) By promoting the idea that technology is hijacking our brains and getting all of us addicted to our devices, techno-fearmongers elevate the exception rather than the rule.

Why Teens Are Creating Their Own News Outlets (Teen Vogue) Teens care about the news. They just don’t like traditional media. Traditional news sources are primarily written by and geared toward the older generation.

Are you really addicted to your phone? (Aeon) Pairing ‘tech addiction’ with medically proven conditions risks minimizing very serious brain disorders.

Not All Screen Time Causes Kids to Underperform in School, Study Says (CBS Baltimore) A new review reveals that not all screen time is equally bad for your children’s performance at school.

How to Succeed When You’re Marginalized or Discriminated Against at Work (The New York Times) “Hacking” your work only works if you’re a person who would be congratulated for your ingenuity.

Why Did Humans Evolve Pattern Recognition Abilities? (Cognition Today) Natural selection necessitates economical and reliable brain mechanisms in some environmental contexts. Pattern recognition skills sit at the helm of our basic cognitive architecture.

Happy reading!

- Nir

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