This week’s must-reads: The Secret to Happiness at Work

Nir Eyal
1 min readSep 14, 2021

In my work as a behavioral designer, I come across important stories on how psychology influences our behavior. Every week, I share my round-up of the most important stories at the intersection of psychology, technology, and business. I hope you enjoy them!

How to Stay on Schedule Even When You Go Off Track (NirAndFar) Don’t let one distraction keep you from what you intended to spend your time on.

Interview with Jocelyn Brewer [AUDIO] (Podcast) My interview with Jocelyn Brewer, psychologist and founder of Digital Nutrition.

The Secret to Happiness at Work (The Atlantic) Your job doesn’t have to represent the most prestigious use of your potential. It just needs to be rewarding.

6 Strategies for Exhausted Working Parents (Harvard Business Review) 6 simple tools and self-hacks to help you feel refreshed and get you back on track.

The power of no: how to build strong, healthy boundaries (The Guardian) When we find it difficult to say ‘no’ at work or at home, our responsibilities can quickly become overwhelming.

We Have to Talk About Doubt (Nautilus) How to tell the difference between scientific and conspiratorial skepticism.

Happy reading!

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