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In my work as a behavioral designer, I come across important stories on how psychology influences our behavior. Every week, I share my round-up of the most important stories at the intersection of psychology, technology, and business. I hope you enjoy them!

When Kids Realize Their Whole Life is Already Online (The Atlantic)
Googling yourself has become a rite of passage. Once kids have that first moment of realization that their lives are public, there’s no going back.

Treat Medicines Like Netflix Treats Shows (The New York Times)
Australia seems to have found a way to entice Big Pharma into making essential new medicines affordable. Why can’t the United States?

U.S. users are leaving Facebook by the millions, Edison Research says(Marketplace) New numbers from Edison Research show an estimated 15 million fewer users in the United States compared to 2017.

Prioritize Opportunities, Not Solutions (Product Talk) A product team’s job is to create value for the customer in a way that creates value for the business.

Unconventional Wisdom Four: why your approach to innovation is probably all wrong (Marketing Magazine)
Here are a few simple rules to taking an unorthodox approach to driving change in the new age with old rules.

This Is Your Brain On … (Stanford Magazine)
In addicted people, the prospect of future rewards and punishments doesn’t much influence them. They have reduced self-control and are very present-oriented.

Happy reading!

- Nir

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