What Rehab Can Teach Tech Companies

It’s About Us

When people arrive at Delancey Street, they’re looking for help. They’ve realized they can’t overcome their drug habits or tendencies towards crime on their own. In a similar way, new users show up to your product hoping it will solve a problem. And though it may sound counterintuitive, it is important to give users a “responsibility” when they arrive — ask them to complete a task that teaches them the importance of your product and how it can help them connect to something larger than themselves.

Easy Steps to Success

In applying the principle of starting with small tasks, it is important to guarantee success. The job must be easy enough that any user can accomplish it quickly. Delancey Street is careful to give residents tasks they can handle at every step of the program.

Making a Contributor

Just a few days after Delancey Street residents check into the facility, they’re given responsibility to oversee other residents. In this way, Delancey Street is able to keep their newest residents accountable and teach other residents new responsibilities. This principle manifests in technology products when companies help consumers become contributors.



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Nir Eyal

Nir Eyal

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